What Are Some Benefits of EMR For Clinics And Patient?

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In this article we are going to tell you about Benefits of EMR. So if you are interested in EMR to make your work easy then do read this article. n

What is EMR?

nEMR is the abbreviation of electronic medical record. In this record, all the medical history, diagnosis, medication, the dates on which a patient arrived, allergy, tests and lab results, what doctor has written as advised, and medication, etc when this all information is saved in electronic form then this is named as EMR (electronic medical record). n

What is the difference between EMR and EHR? 

nEHR is different from EMR. In EHR, all the focus is just towards a patient’s health record such as what was the health before and how it is now, etc and in EMR, there is an overall history of a patient from the first day to the last day.n

Benefits of EMR

nThere are so many benefits of EMR and these are for patients and hospitals or clinics too. n

For patients



  • Better Care
  • n

  • Reduce Error
  • n

  • Improve Treatment and diagnose
  • n

  • accessibility
  • n


Better care

nWhen EMR is used, the patient care is increased.  Because the system is already operated and the process to understand a patient’s health becomes easy, which medicines are effective for the patient, which will be better, etc it becomes so easy for the doctor and he recommends more good medications for his health and treats a patient more sensibly. So in this way a patient gets better care. n

Reduces error

nIn the EMR system, there are very less chances of errors as compared to paper work or paper records. So the chances of making a mistake becomes almost zero. n

Improvement and diagnosis

nWhen the history of a patient’s record is already saved and available, it becomes easy to treat him further. It could be improved in that way by comparing the new tests and new medicines with the old treatm, tests and medicines. After comparing, the doctor can make a sense or idea that improvement is occurring or not.nnAlso Check: n


For clinics

nFollowing are benefits of EMR for clinics.n


  • Saves space 
  • n

  • Optimize workflow 
  • n

  • Reminder 
  • n

  • Duplicate test is avoided 
  • n

  • No lag in communication 
  • n

  • Security and privacy 
  • n


Saves space

nWhen clinics are using EMR systems then they don’t need paperwork, files, etc anymore and they don’t need any space to save that handwritten records of patients. Otherwise clinics have to make a separate room, cupboards, racks, etc to save that record. So in this way space is saved and they need less space to utilize. When online system (EMR system) is available then they don’t need to adjust them like paper record.n

Optimize workflow

nSecond benefit of the EMR system is that clinics have an optimized workflow. This means that its work efficiency increases. There is no delay in work. Everyone is doing their work properly. From the receptionist to the doctor, everyone is going to work properly.n


nThe EMR system also has a reminder feature. In this reminder feature, it reminds you of the event or any meeting which is going to be held by you. Like if you have any appointment with any patient at 3 o’clock, set a reminder and it will remind you and alert you at that time. And you will get ready before that time.n

Duplicate test is avoided 

nIn the EMR system, as all the history is saved and if a doctor recommends any test again and it is already done, then the EMR system will tell you immediately that this test has already been done. So in this way, duplicate tests are being avoided. And moreover, the EMR system will also tell you about any single test which can be used for 2 or 3, etc diagnosis. And it reminds the doctor that this test has already been done.n

No lag in communication

nThe biggest benefit of EMR system is that their is zero lag in communication because doctor, staff, receptionist, and other clinical employees are connected to each other through online system and if they want to say or ask something to someone they sends a text message, they don’t have to go specially to just say something. They can also access data from anywhere, they can also receive and share any file to anyone in just a few seconds or minutes. So in this way, there is no lag in communication. n

Security and privacy

nSecurity and privacy is also a benefit of the EMR system. All the data is in the digital form, all the data is online, and it has a database and they set a password to a database so any unauthorized person could not access that data. Due to this password, all the data is secure and it remains private.n


nIn this article we have written useful content regarding the EMR system. We have mentioned some different benefits of EMR system for the patients and clinics too. 

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