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The Best Ways To Collect Your Patient Collections In 2022

The Pandemic affects the operations of the healthcare system worldwide. Many practices are facing a decline in patient visits. nnFear is the one component of this low volume. People are afraid so they are delaying their regular health checkups. nnTelehealth system is the new hope in these tough times, patients are now utilizing these options for their regular visits. But the revenue collection management system is still down.nnPeople are experiencing a change in their insurance policies due to the ongoing pandemic. Which is making it more difficult for the health service provider to collect revenues. n

How to Maximize Patient Collections?

nThe emergence of the new variant is more than worrisome in the coming days. The health care providers can still take some effective steps to raise their revenues in 2022.nnHere are some easy ways to maximize patient collections;n

Collect Essential Data before Appointment

nThe first step is to collect all the required data from the patient when he calls to book an appointment. nnYour front desk staff member can collect all the data like name, address, phone, and insurance coverage. nnThese details will help you to follow up with the patient when the treatment is done. nnMoreover, the coding process to get reimbursement from the insurance companies also required a complete detail of the patient. Otherwise the denial ratio and account receivable can expand.n

Verify Eligibility

nBefore starting the treatment, verify the insurance eligibility and insurance coverage. nnPatients are usually unaware of their insurance coverage, while some treatments and procedures are excluded from the insurance agreement. nnThe insurance verification is a regular process but due to COVID-19, massive regulations and changes in policies that occurred from the insurance providers, while people have undergone many job changes resulting in new insurance coverage.nn All these regulations are urging the importance of strong verification and eligibility measures.n

Make a Payment Policy

nSetting up a payment policy plan is ideal in this situation. Many people are facing problems in visiting the health care units, due to changes in the policies and the growing fear of pandemics. nnSince most of the appointments are scheduled through Telehealth visits, It’s ideal to make amendments to the policies. nnThe billing process of telehealth services should be dealt with by the online system, like sending emails, phone calls. Make a payment plan that will allow the patient to gradually pay their dues. nnA reliable payment plan allows the health sector to collect maximum revenues over time. n

Multiple Payment Options

nA multiple payment option system can increase the likelihood of getting payments on time. nnIt is furthermore effective during this pandemic, as the chances of contact with the virus are also reduced when the transaction can be done remotely. nnThere are multiple payment options like payment through credit cards, debit cards and the health sector can also make its online patient portal where payments can be easily transferred. nnThere are other options too like payment through mobile phones using QR codes. nnThe multiple payment option system can work best for both the patients as well as health service providers. n


nPatient follow-ups are the regular procedure to collect payments. While it is not recommended every time. nnBut if your patients are not paying their bills on time then it will reduce the revenue of your practice. Your account receivable will jump and you failed to manage your regular services. nnThe patient might forget that they have some amount to pay. It could be due to many reasons like they consider that those treatments are covered by their insurance companies but they might be excluded due to non-coverage. So a timely reminder to the patient is essential in that case. n

Use Best Billing Softwares

nMedical billing software is helpful in the collection process. Your practice can maximize the revenues by installing proper software in the system. nnThey effectively track the payment details like past due bills and late payments. A software system is the best tool to maximize revenues in 2022.n

Outsource The Services

nMany health service providers are associated with billing companies. Medical billing service providers not only help the health sector to get maximum reimbursement from the insurance companies but patient follow-ups and collections are also part of their services. n

Payment Posting

nPayment posting is an important aspect of medical billing, It gives you an insight into your regular income stream. nnThese insights give your practice a clear picture of the ongoing financial condition which can be resolved if identified in a timely manner. nnMedical billing services can help you to manage your payment posting. They can easily find the issue and resolve them quickly.n

Account Receivable Management

nAccount receivable is the process of obtaining the payment in the given period of time. An outstanding account receivable is not good for any practice. nnOutsourcing can help you to get maximum reimbursement by managing account receivable effectively. n

Patient Following Up

nPatient follow-up is a hectic task, not every medical service provider can manage this activity regularly. Billing companies can help your practice for regular patient follow-ups. nnWith the above-mentioned ways, you’ll be paid in 2022, if you are still confused about maximizing patient collections, Med-Miles LLC can help you maximize your collections. nnWe have a team of professionals who are in the healthcare industry for more than eight years. nnOur aim is to facilitate our customers by managing their revenue cycle at a reasonable cost. Call us at (888) 598-9181  for more information. 

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