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The Ultimate Guide To Benefits of Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management permits healthcare providers to spot, track, collect and manage incoming payments for services provided.nnThe RCM method plays a vital role in maintaining money viability and providing exceptional service.nnIn addition to easily streamlining secure requests and payments, RCM will promote national, patient, and student engagement by strengthening relationships that build an improved sense...


Sick And Tired Of Doing RCM The Old Way? Read This!

For the growth of every business, the effective management of revenues is very important. When it comes to the health sector the health service provider usually lag in the management of their revenues. They usually face problems like errors in billing and failing to cope with the new regulation and policies.nnThe biggest challenge health Care...


Revenue Cycle Management: Get Paid For What You Do

In the medical billing process, Revenue Cycle Management is the key for any practice to smoothly manage its revenue and make the health care center financially stable.nnThe whole revenue cycle management system revolves around managing, identifying, and collecting revenues.nnIt has become essential for any health service provider to efficiently manage its revenue otherwise an outstanding...


RCM: The Art of Compassionate Billing – Reasons to Put Patients First

The most common answer, when people ask about the area where medical practitioners have to be the most compassionate, is the clinical side of things. This is the right answer, however, it’s not the only place where people should be careful. nnGetting billed out of nowhere is a real surprise and one that happens quite often....


5 Reasons Why Payment Posting Is Necessary For Medical Billing Process

Payment posting plays an essential role in the medical billing process. You can use it to assess your revenue cycle management system and discover ways to improve your revenue stream.nnPayment posting may sound like a very basic task. But, one mistake can cause many problems, like denied claims, late payments, etc., which can be troublesome...