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How To Reduce Medical Debt? 6 Options To Consider!

Medical Debt is very common nowadays and unfortunately, the underprivileged communities are affected a lot. Throughout the year due to high inflation the purchasing power of the common people is decreasing drastically. Having proper medical care is a right of every human being.nnPaying off medical bills is not as easy as dealing with other kinds...


Tips That Will Help Your Practice Become HIPAA Compliant

Every healthcare service provider and insurance company needs to ensure HIPAA compliance.nnIt will help them to secure the sensitive medical information of the patient. Making your practice compliant with HIPAA will save the practice from common breaches in the system and also save them from any penalties. nnThese complaints are based on some set rules under...


Revenue Cycle Management: Get Paid For What You Do

In the medical billing process, Revenue Cycle Management is the key for any practice to smoothly manage its revenue and make the health care center financially stable.nnThe whole revenue cycle management system revolves around managing, identifying, and collecting revenues.nnIt has become essential for any health service provider to efficiently manage its revenue otherwise an outstanding...


3 Billing Codes Every Physician Should Know

Medical Billing Codes are a crucial part of RCM or Revenue Cycle Management which enables the communication between medical practitioners and insurers.nnPhysicians and other practitioners are always looking for different ways to increase revenue. One of the basic ways that medical providers miss out on generating revenue is by not billing for services that are...


How Do You Make Your Practice Stand Out?

In this competitive healthcare field, it is difficult to differentiate your practice from all other practices.nnTo stand out, you need to separate yourself from the other doctors and prove that you are the best choice who is solving the problems that people are struggling with.nnYou must know one thing that your patients always have a...