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Coding Guidelines For Podiatry Medical Billing

Podiatry is a medical specialty devoted to studying complications related to the foot. Which involves diagnosis, medication,  and surgical treatment.nnServices offered by the podiatry specialist are paid by the insurance companies or in case if some services are excluded from the insurance coverage then the patient is liable to pay for them. nnPodiatry medical billing proves...


3 Billing Codes Every Physician Should Know

Medical Billing Codes are a crucial part of RCM or Revenue Cycle Management which enables the communication between medical practitioners and insurers.nnPhysicians and other practitioners are always looking for different ways to increase revenue. One of the basic ways that medical providers miss out on generating revenue is by not billing for services that are...


8 Medical Coding Errors To Avoid

In the medical billing process, coding errors lead to claim denials, loss of revenue, and in the worst-case scenario, it is viewed as a fraudulent act that results in fines and imprisonment. nnIt’s crucial for every health service provider to avoid coding errors, which may disrupt their revenue cycle. The possibility of coding errors is very...