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How do Physical Therapy Medical Billing Services Work?

In every industry, some rules and regulations need to be followed to prevent issues like fraud, and waste, especially in the medical field. nnAs in the case with most practices, physical therapy has its unique coding and billing techniques and challenges. Not only is it a defensible documentation challenge but service providers also need to know...


Medical Billing Service- How To Select The Right Service Provider?

Medical coding and Billing is a very crucial task that provides a huge responsibility to healthcare providers. nnThe competition of outsourcing this service is high, there are tons of organizations to choose from that provide medical billing services. nnWith so much saturation, you must look at your options in deep detail before choosing the right one. There...


EMR Improves Patient Care In What Ways?

The 20th century has seen a big increase in technological changes around the globe. Software organizations are constantly looking to create solutions that lead to breakthroughs in industrial practices. The EMR market was valued at $23,592 million back in 2016 and this value is expected to rise to $33,294 in 2023.nnMedical billing is a process...


Learn How E-Prescribing Can Benefit Hospitals?

Making a prescription for your patients is one of the most important parts of medical practice. A doctor’s handwriting is one of the most common jokes everyone makes when visiting a clinic or hospital. nnNot only is handwriting a problem but making sure the prescription is safe and you don’t lose it is another drawback to...


How to Handle Cardiology Billing and Coding? Know 5 Essential Tips!

Cardiology is one of the most puzzling practices in the healthcare field. According to a study, heart diseases lead to about 655,000 deaths in the US every year, which means 1 in 4 deaths is caused by cardiovascular disease.nnAfter ICD-10, the importance of documentation, compliance, billing, coding, and auditing in cardiology has increased more than...


Medical Billing Services Near Me: How Can I Find Them?

Do you have a medical practice that is challenged with billing and collections? Is it difficult for you to follow up on insurance billing codes, rejected claims, and unpaid bills? There’s a good chance you could benefit from “Medical Billing Services”.nnThere is no doubt that the healthcare industry is overburdened with paperwork. Medical experts believe...