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How To Properly Appeal Dental Insurance Denials?

Dental Insurance denials are very common in the medical billing process. For the health service provider, it becomes so frustrating and they try their best to avoid denial rate as much as possible. nnSimilarly, the dental service provider faces equivalent kinds of issues. In some cases, the insurance company decided to deny the coverage to the...


How to Bill Dental Surgeries to Medical Insurance?

Oral health plays a key role in the overall well-being of a human. Good oral health leads to a healthy lifestyle. So dental hygiene plays an important role in our life.nnDental billing Is more complicated compared to other medical billing activities. One of the most difficult tasks a dental surgeon faces is to guide their...


Top 6 Deadly Dental Billing Mistakes

It is nothing as bad as someone coming into your life and telling you that you are doing everything wrong.nnIn most cases, such a statement is nothing less than fact. It doesn’t mean that you always do wrong things. Dental billing can be considered as one of every dental practices’ nightmare.nnAs electronic technology has revolutionized...