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Learn How E-Prescribing Can Benefit Hospitals?

Making a prescription for your patients is one of the most important parts of medical practice. A doctor’s handwriting is one of the most common jokes everyone makes when visiting a clinic or hospital. nnNot only is handwriting a problem but making sure the prescription is safe and you don’t lose it is another drawback to paper-based prescriptions. nnE-prescribing has introduced doctors and patients to a whole new level of this process. This accurate way of prescriptions is not only less time taking but easier to manage for both the patients and doctors. nnE-prescribing is currently at its highest in the United States. Especially after the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) implemented rules and regulations for E-prescribing, it has gained a lot of trust around the country. Let’s look at how E-prescribing gained this much attention and its benefits.n

The Rise Of E-Prescribing!

nE-prescriptions were initially designed to assist pharmacies by saving delivery time for staff. They also played a role in decreasing the overheads medical firms were facing. nnThis intrigued the owners and the pharmacists, leading to quick developments. Another reason for the rise of E-prescriptions is that they offered clinics and hospitals enhanced patient safety by making better clinical decisions. nnAccording to The World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 50% of patients around the world do not complete their prescribed medication. This hurts patient health contributing to frequent hospital visits and even worse it leads to patient death. The introduction of e-prescribing is less hassle for patients as it makes it easier for them to get their prescriptions.nnE-prescriptions can either be used separately or can be combined with the Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Many healthcare providers consider the integration of e-prescriptions with EHR because it contains patient data such as clinical information, lab orders. nnE-prescription being a part of EHR makes it convenient for physicians to access all patient information and at the same time, he can share e-prescription with the pharmacist, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.n

The Process Of Creating E-Prescriptions

nE-prescriptions are created through software. The system sends medication prescriptions electronically to pharmacies. During a patient visit, the prescriber uses the E-Prescribing software system on a smartphone or tablet to write and send prescriptions. Nowadays, with all the technological advancements around, many options are available in E-prescribing software making them even handier.n

Benefits Of E-Prescribing


Reduces Chances Of Errors

nIt has happened many times that pharmacists tend to provide wrong medicines due to incorrectly reading the handwriting on prescription, and deliver medicines that sound familiar to one mentioned. For example, Brillinta and Brintellix are different drugs but sound familiar, one is used for coronary syndrome and the other treats depression. If mixed up, it may lead to patient death or any severe symptoms. nnE-prescription can eliminate medication errors that occur due to handwriting mistakes. Also, e-prescriptions allow physicians and pharmacists to access a patient’s previous medication and reduce the chances of dispensing the wrong medication.n

Automatic Systems

nA good software system integrates with your EHR software system which offers the facility of instant clinical alerts. Most visits to clinics and hospitals in the United States are caused by preventable drug events which can be reduced with the implementation of e-prescribing as they prevent the prescription of a medication that the patient may be allergic to.n

Quick Medication Process

nTraditional prescriptions tend to lose medication history, making it difficult for psychiatrists and physicians to track details. With E-prescriptions, a patient’s medication history can be accessed within milliseconds. Every record is saved in application memory. E-prescription applications fetch data from EHR platforms, to speed up e-prescribing.n

Instant Notifications

nE-prescribing allows physicians to be informed of allergies and previously prescribed drugs. Everything is documented & stored within the application. E-prescription also provides an alert to the providers if the newly prescribed drugs may cause any severe symptoms. Instant notifications through e-prescribing help physicians to provide alternate medication, suggest substitute therapies and treat any allergies on time.n

Track Medication

nTraditional prescriptions do not guarantee the completion of the prescribed medication. There is no effective method to track if the prescription is fulfilled. This could be due to patients losing the paper, forgetting to fill the prescribed form or the moment they start feeling better they stop the medication.nnE-prescribing assists physicians to track if the patients have filled prescription forms and whether or not they have consumed the required amount of the medication as prescribed.n

Fewer Chances Of Delays

nWhen patients receive prescriptions from the doctor chances are that they may forget to fill their medication intake or may have lost the paper. This leads to patients, either revisiting the physician to rewrite the prescription. E-prescribing allows prescriptions to be directly sent to the pharmacy leaving no chances of errors from the patients.n

Key Considerations 

nAlmost all the hospitals that already have Electronic Health Record (EHR) will go with the decision of an e-prescribing solution implemented so that they can connect with pharmacies in their network. nnHowever, there are some questions that hospitals and other healthcare providers should consider before having E-prescribing integrated with their EHR.n

Will EHR Be Included?

nEHR allows physicians to update patient medication details. If the E-prescription software is integrated with the EHR system it allows the providers to enhance the quality of patient care. nnNot having an integrated EHR system limits the information given to pharmacists regarding medications and other reports.n

Is It Secure?

nSince the pharmacies, retail, and mail-order outlets are the external elements for hospitals, keeping a tab on the network they are connected through is crucial. Through E-prescribing a lot of sensitive drug details are shared. Hence one should ensure a secured network for implementation of E-prescription. nnThe network must be compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other regulatory compliances so that sensitive patient information is kept protected.n

Revealing Hidden Costs!

nWhen a patient receives medication from a pharmacy through e-prescribing, some networks charge for transactions done on platforms. Clarify the charges before implementing e-prescribing with EHR.n

Automate Your Practice Now!

nThe e-prescribing platform allows hospitals and practitioners to stay connected with national pharmacies to improve medication and patient safety. nnWith e-prescribing, the system builds a bridge between providers and pharmacies to improve the overall process and ensure patient safety. E-prescribing makes the medication management process effective and improves care workflow. E-prescribing is changing healthcare delivery by reducing prescribing errors and saving on healthcare costs. nnIf your practice hasn’t switched to e-Prescribing software, it is time you leap to change your prescribing methods and satisfy your patients and reduce your costs.nnMed-Miles LLC is here to assist you in automating your practice with up-to-date E-prescribing systems. All you need to do is email us at or call us at (888) 598-9181 for a simpler and an effective future.

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