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Keep Data Security And Privacy Top Of Mind

If you have a HIPAA violation, this can cost you more than thousands of dollars. This can ruin your reputation and cause you to lose business. Are you able to afford that risk?nnThe best interests of patients come first in the medical profession. You must follow rules and procedures to protect and secure patient information.  Failing to do so can potentially risk your patient’s medical records coming out for people to see.nnAlso, a data breach can cause financial loss to healthcare providers and threatens precious lives of patients by taking down patient record system and smart medical equipment nnMoreover, the Rise in technology and the use of electronics in hospitals can help others get medical records that don’t belong to them by hacking into computer systems. This can result in medical records being compromised.nnIn to avoid such cases, here are 6 facts you need to know as a medical professional.n

1. Protection of Information

nAs a healthcare professional you should protect your patient’s records. Only authorized people get access to that kind of information. nnOne the patient comes to the hospitals for treatment or examination, there will be a medical report prepared about the patient’s status, which is written or electronicnnIt is up to patients to decide how to share and disclose their medical records. Therefore, HIPAA has provided ways to protect information and reduce the risk of disclosure.n

2. HIPAA Violations Can Be Costly

nIt is important as a healthcare provider to protect your practice from HIPAA violations. Without up-to-date technology and HIPAA regulations, it can put your practice and patients at risk. and safety violations can lead to fines, loss of business, and many other consequences. nnLook at the HIPAA statistics in the infographic below:n

hippa facts3. Communications With Patients Should Be Confidential  

nAccording to privacy law, it is important for healthcare providers to keep his/her patients’ conversations confidential. Also, it should not be disclosed to a third party. For example, if a patient insists that the information should be protected between the two of you, then this information should remain unrevealed. nnBesides this also provides patients a form to fill in. This form is clearly about how the information will be used to secure, keep or disclose information. n

4. HIPAA Is Used To Reduce Care Abuse And Fraud

nIt is a serious offense under the law to abuse and defrauds the healthcare industry. These offenses include: falsifying medical records, obtaining higher payments by altering claim forms, and billing services that were not rendered, among others.  To prove that these crimes were actually committed, the government must and must determine that it was actually intentional, willful, and knowing. n

5. Disclose Patient Information To Its Family 

nIf the case is severe, the patient’s medical records may be released to the family. This information may be disclosed without the patient’s written consent. Unless the medical records justify releasing the information to the family, the physician has a duty of confidentiality.nnWhen it comes to HIPAA, there are lots of factors to consider, As a Medical practitioner, it’s best to avoid problems with patients and most importantly the government. Following these rules keeps your medical license from being revoked.  nn Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a serious act to keep patients safe from privacy violations. To ensure compliance with all the rules, a number of rights have been established.nnIf you want to keep your practice growing then it is important to follow the guidelines of HIPAA and act according to HIPAA standards. Consider these facts of HIPAA for the success of your Medical practice. Whatever your practice size is, you need to be focused on maintaining proper data privacy and security measures in the healthcare industry n

Need Help with HIPAA?

nHere MED-MILES LLC protects all electronic information and assets by fulfilling the CIA triad: protecting confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information that will help you to protect patient safety and privacy. Also, team med-miles conduct a risk assessment and implement HIPAA compliant administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to ensure patient data privacy and security. If you still worried call us at +1 888-598-9181 

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