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In-House vs. Outsource Medical Billing – Which One Is Best?

It has always been a discussion or debate on whether medical bills should be outsourced or kept in-house. To be fair, this is not a hard and fast rule.nnIt depends on the dynamics and visions of organizations. It also differs from practice to practice based on multiple factors: age of the business, size of clinical staff, and the financial health of a healthcare organization. So, there can’t be one rule that fits alln

In-House Medical Billing vs. Outsourcing – What’s the Difference?

nIn-house medical billing refers to the medical billing process in your medical practice office. There will be a team sitting in your organization of place of medical practice. Oppositely in outsourcing, all of your medical billing will be conducted through a third-party organization.nnWhether it’s in-house medical billing or outsource medical billing, both aim to accomplish the same goals that are to prepare and submit claims and ensure accounts receivables faster.nnIn this blog, we provide you a complete difference between In-house medical billing and outsource medical billing, so you can make a decision about which is right for your practice.n

In-House Billing Pros

nWhen we talk about the in-house medical billing process it seems ideal for any billing company to have an in-house team for medical billing. But, in reality, it is not. nnIn-house medical billing is beneficial for only large companies because they can afford high-cost equipment and technologies. In-house has its own advantages. nnLet’s have a look at it.n

Complete Control

nThe first and foremost benefit of in-house medical billing is to have complete control of everything. For the execution of billing activities, there are employees so that it is easier for healthcare providers to give instructions and implement all the standard procedures without any difficulty. n

Return on Investment

nBy managing in-house medical billing, you can check the cost of every little process. It will be under your control. Which results in a higher return on investment and increased revenues. n

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In-House Medical Billing Cons

nStill, there are some cons to the in-house medical billing process. Let’s also have a look at them.n

Higher Costs

nThe most important disadvantage of in-house medical billing as it involves a lot of capital in equipment, latest technologies, and software. nnBesides all this you also require a skilled billing team, for this, you have to invest in the recruitment of a team which may lead to the financial loss of your practice.n


nWhen you hire an in-house medical billing, your liabilities will tend to go up because it requires a lot of cash flow and expenses that have to be paid. However, by outsourcing, your liabilities will become lesser and allow you to get enough credit period. n

Support Issues

nOne of the major issues with in-house teams is the support system. It is difficult to manage your billing process without adequate resources. When you manage your billing process on your own, you will need optimum resources to serve your clients. It is really a challenging task to have your in-house medical billing team.n

Outsourcing Medical Billing Pros

nWhy do you need to outsource? Simply because you want to get benefit from it. Here are some benefits of outsourcing medical billing to a third- party.n


nThe major benefit of outsourcing medical billing is that it is highly cost-effective. nnWhen the operational and customer support work of the medical practice is outsourced to the third-party medical billing company, the cost will automatically go down. nnThis is because of the currency conversion that makes it viable for business. Things like infrastructure, expertise, procedures come at a lower cost. However, outsourcing medical billing is profitable for healthcare providers. n


nBy outsourcing, a specific set of standard processes, systems, and procedures can be created. Consequently, the medical company knows each and every detail that goes on through outsourcing. nnIn addition, software tools are used to monitor and manage billing processes on a day-to-day basis. In short, outsourcing medical billing tasks will bring transparency.n


nConsistency is the key solution for any business. When you choose the right medical billing company you can see consistent growth in your practice. Also, the outsourced company has skilled billers and coders who put effort to deliver consistent results.n

Easy to Expand

nOutsourcing billing tasks will give you the benefit of expanding faster. You don’t need to invest in infrastructure, recruitment, and training. All is done by the Medical billing company.n

More Focus On Patient Care

nNowadays, medical billing has become a daunting task for healthcare providers. This time-consuming and overwhelming task will divert the provider’s precious time and prevent patients from receiving quality treatment. nnThrough outsourcing, medical practitioners can focus more on patients and will be able to provide better service to their patients.n


nWith a team of experts and their vast experience, medical billing companies will help you to get paid faster without any error. They are used to the process of getting payment efficiently.n

Compliance With The Standard Medical Practices

nBy outsourcing your medical billing, there is no issue of compliance. Medical billing outsourcing companies have trained staff and teams that will help you in getting compliance with HIPAA standards.n

Faster Claims

nAs mentioned earlier, most of the leading medical billing outsourcing companies have extensive experience in this area. Hence, this makes the claims process easier and quicker. nnOutsourcing companies handle the tracking and collection of payments. When claims are received on a regular basis, it will benefit the medical practitioners to have a steady cash flow. n

Outsourcing Medical Billing Cons

nWhile having a lot of benefits, outsourcing medical billing is not without cons. Here are some issues faced by the outsourcing company:n

Less control

nWhen the majority of operations will be outsourced, then you will lose control. If there is any delay in reports or data transformation, it will affect healthcare providers in terms of claim collection and their practice reputation.n

Variable Cost

nVariable cost is another issue of outsourcing billing. When companies grow, variable costs will also increase.nnWant to get financial benefits for your practice? By looking into the comparison above, it is easy for you to make a decision which one is the best option according to your practice. If you prefer in-house medical billing there will definitely come a time when you will face the need for an outsourcing company for medical billing.nnSo going to an outsourcing company after why not go first hand? If you had made up your mind of going for a third party in order to have the medical billing outsourced. We recommend you do your medical billing through us. Why is that? Find out for yourself via Why Med Miles for billing outsourcing?

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