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How Do You Make Your Practice Stand Out?

In this competitive healthcare field, it is difficult to differentiate your practice from all other practices.nnTo stand out, you need to separate yourself from the other doctors and prove that you are the best choice who is solving the problems that people are struggling with.nnYou must know one thing that your patients always have a choice. They can choose you or another practice easily. So, it’s important to think about what makes you unique? We found that patient experience is the core reason for your practice’s success. From pre-care to post-care, patient follow-up is necessary.nnSo, How do you make your practice stand out to get more patients and increase revenue? Here are 7 ways that you should know. Let’s have a look!n

1. Connect and Engage With Your Patients

nOne of the best ways to differentiate yourself from competitors is to connect with patients and make them feel that you cared for them. Moreover, patient and provider connection is the center of effective delivery of the services. In ancient times, there had been a lot of pressure on the human-to-human healing connection.nnIf your patients want to connect with you then it means they will keep coming back to you and surely they will recommend you to their friends and family.nnAs a matter of fact, connecting with your patients doesn’t mean that about how much time you spend with them. It actually means how much you understand them better than others. It is also said in the research that if you understand your patients’ problems it will result in saving time for both of you.nnHowever, the secret to achieving success in healthcare is to give your patients an empathic connection feeling rather than a set of particular words. n

2. Delight Your Patients

nAre you giving your patients more than what they would expect from you? It is more important to deliver your patients more than they expected. As it is said that n

“Patient can get a prescription anywhere, but they can’t get that experience everywhere”

nWell, you know that patients can go anywhere to get their treatment. In this technological era, it is easy for patients to talk to a doctor from the other side of the globe and get a prescription.nnHowever, it is important for you to make your patients a reason to choose you as compared to personalized service. How would you do that? The answer is as simple as it is “Delighting your patients”nnNow, you will understand that a patient’s experience is key to your practice’s success. So, don’t ignore this if you want to stand out from the competition. n

3. Be Responsive To Your Patients Online

nRegardless of your practice size, it is annoying if your patients have to wait on the phone to talk to customer service. For that reason, it is important for you to use a secure communication system for your practice, which immediately translates patient phone messages into text that will allow you, administrative staff, to quickly respond to patient’s questions or direct them to the suitable provider. This all is private, secure, and meets all the HIPAA regulations.nnMake sure to respond to your patients within 2 hours or faster because people don’t like to wait on the phone to talk to you. What they actually want is to feel cared for. Provide them a variety of open, flexible touchpoints for communication.nnTherefore, having secure, demanding, and communication platform signals is important to understand your patient’s needs.  n

4. Train Your Team

nTrain your staff today to get a great first impression. Because your team will get to interact with your patients before they come to you. You should address the patient’s questions to your staff regarding your practice.nnGive them details about the services you provide and also tell them other specific details such as pricing, equipment that are used during procedures, etc.n

5. Improve Ratings and Reviews

nTo make your practice grow or stand out then you should actively improve ratings and reviews. As it is one of the most efficient ways to attract new patients. nnAccording to research, 72% of patients use online reviews to find a new doctor. So, if you aren’t actively monitoring review sites, you will be losing a huge opportunity to attract new patients.nnWhat you need to do is encourage your patients to share their feedback in an online review. This would be done simply by sending a follow-up email thanking your patients for their visit and encourage them to review you online. nnThere are also other ways such as offering discounts or free services to provoke patients for posting positive reviews of your practice.nnYou can also share your patient’s review publicly on your website that will help you to make a stronger patient relationship and to get your identity out there.n

6. Use Technological Advances

nNowadays your patient’s only need is to get a technologically connected healthcare experience. Are you giving them that experience or not? If not, then it’s the right time to switch towards technological advances and provide your patients’ cost-effective technical updates.nnIf you think it is costly for you to get technological equipment then outsource your all technological needs to us. We at Med-Miles LLC provide you with consultancy services that will help you to focus on your core business.n

7. Be Specific

nWant to make your practice stand out from the rest? Then be specific about your positioning. Your practice can’t be all things to all people. So, be specific in what actually is as a medical professional? Or as a practitioner? nnIf you are clearer about your position then you will attract more prospective patients for what they are looking for. nnNow, you understand that your patients are the center of your practice success. So, improve your practice performance by using the ways above mentioned. If you will not do it today then you would stand last among your competition. nn 

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