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EMR Improves Patient Care In What Ways?

The 20th century has seen a big increase in technological changes around the globe. Software organizations are constantly looking to create solutions that lead to breakthroughs in industrial practices. The EMR market was valued at $23,592 million back in 2016 and this value is expected to rise to $33,294 in 2023.nnMedical billing is a process that is very important and if not done right it can cause a lot of issues for clinics or private physicians. However, now this process has been simplified. With the introduction of EMR services, medical billing has been easier. n

How Do EMR Systems Work?

nElectronic medical records or EMR is a system of organizing patient data digitally using special software. Electronic medical records are the hard copy data files converted digitally that record information about the patient, like their medical history and treatment. It is a quick and efficient way to gather data and refer to it. n

The Benefit Of EMR Systems To Practitioners 


Service Improved

nEMR systems are a great tool for patient care and the quality of work of family physicians. The constant changes in technology make it hard for private and family-run medical centers to keep up to date, after all, they are human. nnThis is where EMR Systems are a strong tool to have. EMR systems are designed to simplify access to information and relationships, effectively transforming how physicians conduct their practice.n

Save Money

nEMR systems are an excellent way to control expenses. According to a study published by The American Journal of Medicine, EMR systems can lead to an increased return to your financial records. The use of EMR systems has led to savings on drug expenditure due to quick and efficient recording and reporting of billing services.n

Improved Information

nProviding information effectively is a huge ask in the case of paper-based systems. EMR systems allow information to be presented in the form of graphs and pie charts. Vast amounts of data like cholesterol levels, and blood pressure, allow physicians to track any changes that have taken place over time. Leading to better management of chronic diseases, thus,  improving the quality of care provided to patients. n

Space Saved

nOut of all the paper produced, the medical industry takes in 92 million metric tonnes of it. Storing these many papers requires a lot of space. However, using EMR systems all of the patient records are stored digitally and only the required information is printed out. This reduces the need for storage units to be installed and spaces can be used more efficiently. n

EMR System Benefits To Patients


Patient Is Top Priority

nEMR systems improve the quality of patient care and also play a crucial role in increasing safety. Checking a patient’s record has become very simple through EMR systems, rather than looking through large files and wasting time. nnEMR systems are used to prescribe and place an order for a patient. The patient’s history and allergies are available at the click of a button. The availability of such information allows the staff and the doctor to give well-rounded, and efficient care to the patient.nnEMR systems allow patients to make informed decisions about their pending surgeries, procedures, and other areas of their health. Furthermore, patients can also request electronic copies of their healthcare information when they want to. nnIf they ever want to switch healthcare providers, their electronic medical record is transferred to the new healthcare provider, giving them an in-depth look at their history.n

Emergency Situation Handled Better

nThere are many situations where patients cannot carry their medical records. In emergencies like road accidents, sudden cardiac arrests, and natural disasters, patients cannot provide medical details.nnIn such cases, electronic health records can be critical life-saving info for emergency care providers. And this is possibly one of the most important benefits of EMR systems.n

Secure Data

nAccording to research in the US around 15% of the paper documents are misplaced and 7.5% of those are completely lost. This increases the risk of the patient’s private information being leaked.nnWith EMR systems, they contain firewalls that prevent breaches and secures all the information.n

Accuracy Increased

nDuring emergencies and also generally errors are made when documenting a patient’s data. Errors like confusing handwriting or mis-spelling can lead to misdiagnosis or other problems. nnEMR systems allow the occurrence of these errors to decrease significantly which leads to accurate and precise records.n

Environment Friendly

nUsing EMR systems is not only helpful for efficient record keeping, but it is also playing its part in us having a cleaner environment. Requests, results, bills, all of these take a lot of printing of papers.nnEMR systems eliminate all of these by a Green and Clean record-keeping system.n

Guide To Choosing EMR Systems


Initial Investment

nThe cost of EMR systems varies with the number of options it offers and the vendor you select may also impact the cost of the software.nnTherefore, when you request a price estimate, ask for the initial licensing fee. And also, the amount that the additional components you need will add to the price.n

Customer Support

nEven after days of using EMR systems, companies come up with issues about functionality. Making it important to choose a provider that offers customer support 24/7. Without excellent customer support at the back, it is unlikely that hospitals can get all the advantages of EMR.n


nHospitals have their management styles and needs, so the EMR system must be flexible enough to adapt. Double-check varies with vendors if their systems have room for all your requirements. n


nPerfecting an  EMR software takes days or even months. So you must confirm the time it will take to get the EMR up and running from the provider.nnSome vendors even offer training to the staff and medical practitioners. So that’s another critical advantage of choosing your EMR software.n

Get Automated EMR Services Now!

nEMR systems have a direct impact on the medical practices and processes of healthcare organizations which is why you should take ownership of your decisions, identify requirements, get EMR expertise, integrate practice management, focus on simplicity and ease of use of the software, assess support and upgrades, check vendor feasibility, determine your financial limits, focus on the implementation of strategies and techniques.nnAre you one of those people that has been involved in this practice for years? Do you have piles of data of your patients which is crucial for you? nnWell worry no more, Here at Med-Miles LLC, we offer you all the required expertise that you need in switching to a better future. nnAll you need to do is contact us at +1 888-598-9181 or email us at

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