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Challenges of Implementing Telehealth

Telehealth is the use of telecommunications technology to deliver healthcare services remotely. This can include doctor’s visits, mental health counseling, and even surgery. Telehealth has the potential to improve access to care, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes. However, there are also challenges of implementing telehealth. The Challenges of Implementing Telehealth There are a number...


Integrating EHR With Telehealth for Improved Patient Outcomes

The introduction and ensuing assumption of electronic health records (EHR) was a revolutionary step for modern healthcare. Integrating EHR data with another disruptive trend in healthcare – telehealth – will lead to significantly better patient health outcomes. Seamless integration EHR with telehealth solutions is paramount to achieving this goal. But perhaps most importantly, it will...


How Telehealth Can Improve Patient Care

Concerning health information services, health education, and health services in a broad sense, the term telehealth is all-encompassing. And remote doctor-patient consultations (telemedicine). In addition to the ability to remotely detect fluctuations in a patient’s health at home. Telehealth technology also authorises remote diagnosis and evaluation of patients. So that medications or specific therapy can...


Avoid Telehealth Denials With These 4 Tips

The healthcare system has suffered a lot due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, the pandemic also transformed the current working of the health system and directed towards a way in which they can improve their ability to tackle the upcoming challenges. nnTelehealth services are one of the positive outcomes of this pandemic. The mandatory social...


All You Need To Know About Telehealth

Due to the rise in technology, hospitals are now implementing telemedicine to reach more patients specifically in remote areas. nnIn case if you never heard of telehealth before the coronavirus pandemic, you probably know about it now. Healthcare providers are trying to move as many of their appointments to virtual means as possible. While telehealth options...