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What is Role And Benefits of Price Transparency In Healthcare

We are going to discuss about price transparency in healthcare in this article. So, keep reading all points to understand well. Price transparency refers to the practice of making the prices of goods and services available to consumers in a clear and easily accessible manner. This can be accomplished through a variety of means, such...


9 Important Medical Billing Audit Checklist

A medical billing audit is done to ensure that the patient is receiving services that are covered under the insurance plan. The process involves reviewing all the bills submitted to the insurance company and verifying that the services were provided and that the charge is reasonable and necessary. There are few steps involved in medical...


CMS Price Transparency Audit- What Hospitals Need To Know?

Growing healthcare costs have long been a burden on the United States. Even consumers, employers, and providers bear this burden. But, besides all this, the healthcare charges or fees of services are still not clear or comparable. nnDue to the increase in the regulatory requirements and primary focus on improving overall price transparency of hospital charges...