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Pharmacy Billing for Long term Care Facilities: Challenges and Solutions

Pharmacy billing is the profession’s greatest challenge and opportunity this decade and will not be successful without the strong support of pharmacy technicians. Focusing on patient care delivery and health insurance billing in outpatient and community pharmacies requires a fundamental shift in systems and workflows. Technicians play a role in driving the integration of services...


The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Pharmacy Billing

 In developing the ACA, lawmakers were tasked with providing consumers with affordable drugs. Without restricting the pharmaceutical market or limiting medical progress. Instead of addressing the actual costs or cost structure of drugs, the ACA focused on improving access to health care plans. Thus, the total burden of prescription costs fell on federal programs and...


Pharmacy Billing and Reimbursements: 7 Points to Know

From pharmacy to patient’s hand, prescriptions undergo many stages of reimbursement. Filling a prescription and adjudicating it may seem complicated, but it is the only way to understand pharmacy billing. nnIf you are a physician and thinking about offering medications through your own office along with your healthcare services, it is an option worth considering. It...