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Managing Patient Insurance Benefits in a Multi-Provider Practice

Healthiest Group Practice and Organisational Practice Management System were designed to help our providers and administrative professionals within the organisation manage all of their office and facility needs – our organisation’s functionality extends to scheduling, billing, payment processing, and client paperwork/forms, as well as enabling internal team communications that are HIPAA compliant. Providers, assistants, and...


How to Improve Your Medicare Health Insurance Options

Medicare is the second biggest health insurance program in the United States after Medicaid. It pays for the care of millions of patients across the country and influences the business and clinical decisions of millions of providers. Given Medicare’s size and role as a public program, reforms to improve its value have enormous potential to...


How To Verify Patient Insurance In Five Easy Steps?

In today’s continually changing and complex healthcare environment, it becomes crucial for healthcare providers to understand insurance verification. nnThere have been millions of claims denied because the plan has expired or because the patient or service was not covered by the plan. Establishing a robust insurance review process can reduce the number of such denials in...