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How To Reduce Medical Debt? 6 Options To Consider!

Medical Debt is very common nowadays and unfortunately, the underprivileged communities are affected a lot. Throughout the year due to high inflation the purchasing power of the common people is decreasing drastically. Having proper medical care is a right of every human being.nnPaying off medical bills is not as easy as dealing with other kinds...


Common Accounts Receivables Issues And How To Overcome Them

Are you suffering from recurring errors in your Medical Account Receivable processes? It’s important to know that you are not alone, as there are many common problems that trouble healthcare organizations and obstruct their financial goals. nnUnpaid accounts receivables can seriously damage your cash flow. It is the most critical process in any business. The main...


2021 Brings AI, Social Determinants Of Health Into Focus

As we enter the New Year, there will be a push by the healthcare industry to use artificial intelligence and the social determinants of health data in order to improve clinical decision-makingnnFollowing a booming, milestone year, in 2021, many were ready for a fresh start. Some things, in healthcare, however, will remain the same: specifically,...