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The Importance of Data Security in EHRs

Over the last few decades, there has been exponential progress in the use of technology in healthcare and healthcare. The medical profession uses technology in a variety of ways, including imaging techniques for diagnosis. Electronic health records; robotics in surgical procedures; telehealth to reduce barriers and boundaries between patients in terms of distance and time;...


12 Ways To Stay Safe Online When Using Health Software?

Some health care clinics and hospitals use online practice management systems or software for managing their hospitals. This system is online. So when you are using online services you have to keep yourself safe because your data is so important. For this reason there are some methods by which you can keep yourself safe and...


Top 10 Cybersecurity Breaches In Healthtech

The Healthcare industry handles the sensitive data of the patients. Most of the records consist of the Patient’s medical history, diagnosis, treatments, social security numbers, names, and addresses. In addition, the information about the insurance agreement and billing is also included in it. nnThe Healthcare industry is one of the easiest targets of hackers. They are...


Top 4 Cyber Security Best Practices To Prevent Cyber Attacks In Healthcare

Due to the current pandemic, healthcare providers are moving towards offering their services virtually. This shift towards technology is creating big opportunities for cyber attackers to breach the systems of healthcare facilities to steal the sensitive data of the patients.nnCybercrimes have been around for a long time but the risk of getting ambushed by hackers...