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All You Need To Know About EHR Replacements

EHR is very vital in recording the details of the patient, it’s not only helpful in recording the history of medical treatments but for health service providers it is used to get a claim from the insurance companies. nnFor some of the users, their existing software systems are not satisfactory, they may be outdated or come with fewer features. Because there are lots of software solutions in the market, choosing the right one is not an easy task for everyone. nnMost of the users expected that their Electronic Health Records system should be user-friendly, must add value, and come with some essential updated features.nn In this article, we will find out all the possible reasons and recommendations you must know before replacing your existing EHR system. n

Reasons To Replace Your EHR

nThere are multiple reasons which can force you to replace your EHR system with the new one, here we will disclose some of the most common issues which were faced by many users: n

Limited Functionality

nSome of the users are not satisfied with the EHR systems because of the limited functionality of the system. With limited functionality, they can’t cover the whole process and there might be chances of some rifts. n

Integration Issues

nWhile there is limited functionality there are other issues too like integration, some of the EHR systems have integration issues with the other software, most of the users require a software system that can easily integrate with their other systems, which may help them to reduce the extra effort.n

Not Compliant With Mobile Phones

nMany EHR systems are not compliant with mobile phones, A software system that is compliant with mobile devices can increase the efficiency of the whole process. So there is a need for a system that is fully compliant with mobile phones.n


nThe usability of the software system is also an issue, sometimes the software system is too slow for the users to use, or maybe the complexity of the system is not suitable for the user who is not well trained to handle this complex system. nnMost of the EHR software systems are pre-designed in their working or you can say that the functionality of the system is non-customizable due to already fixed codes, pre-designed templates, and some of the features which are very old and specific for the relevant tasks.n


nSome of the systems are too expensive to use while you are not getting the returns on your investments. Which surely is not fit for you when there are no returns.nnWhile choosing the EHR systems some users preferred to have a system that is based on cloud computing while some preferred the built-in in-house server-based system. n

Incompatibility With Cloud Computing

nSome of the EHRs are not compliant with the cloud computing system so this might create client dissatisfaction. Especially for those who preferred cloud computing systems. n

An Unreliable System

nIn some cases the issue of replacing the EHR system is raised when you get a faulty system from your software vendors, this system may not be good for your working, this issue may arise due to the incompetency or irresponsive behavior of the software vendor. nnThese are some of the reasons which eventually force you to change your present EHR system because a system that is not fulfilling your requirements and are not compliant with your existing system may create disruptions in your working and cause you financial loss. nnTo deal with this problem here are some of the things you should focus before choosing EHR system. n

Recommendations For Replacing Your Existing EHR System

nHere are some of the recommendations to improve the working of an EHR system. n

Replace or Upgrade

nBefore replacing your existing system you must complete all your homework, you have to make a complete inspection of your existing system, in some cases, the users need to change its system completely because the existing system is not completely suitable and does not give the desired results. nnWhile in some cases some features are missing in the system and they need to be included or updated. So before replacing your system you have to make sure that your existing system is fully upgraded or not? n

Screening of The Features

nOnce you find the problem the next step is to find the best possible solution in the market, your software vendor can help you in this. nnMake sure that this time you include all the essential features in your system, you can involve your staff members who are working with the EHR, they may suggest well about the suitable features for the system. n

Interoperability of EHR

nThe interoperability of the EHR system is the key to its effective working. Interoperability ensures the integration of EHR with other systems which makes it easy to transfer records from one user to another user. A well suitable EHR system must have four key features to ensure interoperability.n


  • Communication between systems 
  • n

  • Better interaction of the application with the users
  • n

  • Integration with consumer devices 
  • n

  • And last but not the least, Information processing and management systems. 
  • n

nAll these integration processes make sure effective communication between the supporting staff and other stakeholders. n

Relocation of Data

nYou need to keep your previous data in hand while replacing your EHR system. All the records related to the patient are important for you to make any future claims. nnFor this purpose, Your existing and new systems must have a Continuity of care document (CCD) which ensures the relocation of data effectively, but most of the EHR systems is not come up with these features, you may talk to your software vendor who can assure you to the safe extraction and relocation of your essential data.n

Return on Investment

nThe whole system revolves around getting the best financial returns, choosing the best system which is less expensive, and giving you the best returns for your investments is the key. nnSo you have to make sure that you have all essential features which assure fewer chances of errors with the best financial returns. n

Need More Assistance? 

nReplacing your present EHR takes lots of time and effort, with the emergence of new technologies and every day’s changing trends, it’s hard for many health care service providers to keep them up to date. nnMed-Miles makes sure that its clients are up to date with all market trends and plans, we provide the best EHR services, and we help you to find the best EHR vendors according to your suitability. Feel free to call us at (888) 598-9181 for more information. 

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